How to succeed as a programmer at an early stage startup

Let’s start by generalizing / categorizing programmers – it’ll be faster this way. There are usually 3 types of programmers Common programmer personalities: It isn’t unusual for a developer to be a blend of the three types of programmers with a temporary predominant personality determined by their mood, night of sleep, yesterday’s beers, shower thoughts … Read more

Why you should learn VueJS 3

Vue.js 3 released a few hours ago! Here are some pros to VueJS and why you should consider learning it According to the official VueJS GitHub account, Vue.js 3 was just released a few hours ago. As time goes by, VueJS keeps on growing in popularity. Many startup companies and SMEs, use ReactJS or Vue.js … Read more

Top 5 best interactive coding challenge websites

As a junior, intermediate and sometimes (unfortunately) even senior software developer, you might face a coding challenge as one of the steps in your interview process with a new potential employer. The programming challenges can take a few forms, an algorithmic / logic challenge on an established platform, an in-house test, an algorithmic / logic … Read more

Tips to Nail a Software Engineering Interview

Passion is Everything Passion is a sure way of differentiating yourself from competition Hiring managers that are interviewing a junior software developer won’t typically expect the candidate to be a fully functional self sufficient member of the team that’ll take their project from A-Z. If they do, consider going for a jog right then and … Read more

How to write a recruiter-friendly resume

Writing a perfect resume is a fine art We do our best to find the right balance between the most descriptive words that justly portray our experience and keeping it generic in order not to get disqualified by overly picky recruiters / HR. In fact, an eye tracking study has showed that on average, recruiters … Read more