Top 10 Websites any Software Engineer will Love

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With more and more talks about the “Big R” coming in 2023, it is crucial to stay current on emerging technologies and market trends in order to remain competitive in the employment market and advance your career as a software engineer. It might be difficult to stay on top of all the latest advancements and … Read more

5 web app projects for your programming portfolio

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For an entry level / junior developer, personal projects are often the holy grail when it comes to starting conversations with recruiters, hiring managers, and ultimately, scoring jobs. Project-based learning (or PBL) also happens to be one of the best, if not THE best way, to get familiar with new technologies, paradigms and approaches you … Read more

Questions you should ask when interviewing for a Software Engineering position

Interview questions to ask

Interviewing for a Software Engineer position? Fortunately, the days of one-way interviews are (almost) a thing of the past. It took us some time, but we have finally reached the age of two-way conversations during interviews! Sure, the employer will ask all the necessary questions to assess your technical skillset and the fit with their … Read more

How to resign from your job as a software developer

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Need help leaving your current position as you have just accepted another job offer? Resign from your job as a software developer, gracefully! The big day has come! You just signed a job offer from a new employer – congrats!!! Everything about the opportunity seems to be an upgrade from your current arrangement. However you … Read more

3 reasons why you should write a programming blog

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Why you should write a programming blog As a junior and sometimes even intermediate programmer, the competition is often fierce compared to what you will experience a bit later in your career, and that is good news. Differentiating yourself from other developers sounds like an impossibly daunting task. Although differentiating yourself WILL be more time … Read more

Essential Guide to overcoming Imposter Syndrome

What is programmer imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome symptoms: These symptoms ring true to you? Welcome to Software Development world! You’ll like it here. Here’s the thing, what you’re experiencing is extremely common. Literally everyone has experienced the symptoms you’re going through at a point or another in their career. It’s as important to understand why … Read more

How to succeed as a programmer at an early stage startup

Let’s start by generalizing / categorizing programmers – it’ll be faster this way. There are usually 3 types of programmers Common programmer personalities: It isn’t unusual for a developer to be a blend of the three types of programmers with a temporary predominant personality determined by their mood, night of sleep, yesterday’s beers, shower thoughts … Read more

Top 5 best interactive coding challenge websites

As a junior, intermediate and sometimes (unfortunately) even senior software developer, you might face a coding challenge as one of the steps in your interview process with a new potential employer. The programming challenges can take a few forms, an algorithmic / logic challenge on an established platform, an in-house test, an algorithmic / logic … Read more