Lion Electric to provide Amazon with 10 electric trucks

Lion Electric is a company located in St-Jerome, Quebec. Founded in 2008, Lion Electric’s 250 employees make electric school buses and other electric vehicles.

On Wednesday, Amazon made an announcement stating that this fall it will deploy 10 all-electric trucks from Lion Electric in California as part of its electrification initiative starting in 2021. Meanwhile, in Europe, Amazon just ordered a little over 1,800 electric vans from Mercedes-Benz. At this pace, Amazon soon might become one of the largest electric vehicle fleets globally.

The Amazon order follows “a long time” negotiation between Amazon and our very own local Lion Electric. The same electric truck company has recently scored its largest order for up to 50 trucks for The Canadian National Railway (CN)!

Based on Amazon’s tweet, the image released seems to be the very truck (times ten) they are purchasing for their electric fleet.

Lion Electric’s CEO, Marc Bedard mentioned the Quebec City newspaper “Le Soleil” that each truck is made for heavy duty deliveries of up to 26,000 pounds. Amazon intends to use the electric trucks to move products from one distribution centre to another.

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