Montreal’s fastest growing tech companies in 2020

Montreal’s fastest growing companies in 2020

The Globe and Mail has recently released its list of the 400 fastest growing companies in Canada.

16 technology Montreal based companies have made the list this year! The 400 companies list includes but is not limited to the tech industry.

To make the list

All companies had to be headquartered in Canada, be Canadian-operated and independent. To make the list, the companies had to supply financial documentation for 2016 and 2019, so the growth is measured over 3 fiscal (and sometimes calendar) years. The companies also had to have over $2,000,000 in annual sales in their last fiscal year.

Applicant companies had to submit a ballot, complete a full application survey and supply supporting financial documentation to our research team for both 2016 and 2019. We evaluated companies based on the most recent fiscal year for which financial statements were available, with a latest possible year-end date of April 30, 2020. In some unique cases, companies were evaluated on calendar years instead of fiscal.

Without further due

The list of fastest growing Montreal based tech companies:

Mistplay – Loyalty programs for mobile video games

3-year revenue growth 7,578%
2019 revenue: $10m-$25m
employees: 35
CEO: Henri-Charles Machalani

Dialogue – Telemedicine services

3-year revenue growth – 4,944%
2019 revenue: $10m-$25m
employees: 803
CEO: Cherif Habib

40 LiveBarn – Youth sports video and audio streams

3-year revenue growth 1,283%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 14
CEO: Farrel Miller

41 Wavo – Marketing and analytics for clients in entertainment

3-year revenue growth 1,268%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 63
CEO: Conor Clarke

43 Goalcast – Publisher of motivational content

3-year revenue growth 1,251%
2019 revenue: $2m-$5m
employees: 45
CEO: Cyrus Gorjipour

51 AlayaCare  – Software for home health care

3-year revenue growth 1,051%
2019 revenue: $10m-$25m
employees: 400
CEO: Adrian Schauer

52 Sportlogiq –AI & ML for analysis of sports data

3-year revenue growth 1,041%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 116
CEO: Craig Buntin

102 Traxxall –Maintenance and inventory management systems

3-year revenue growth 476%
2019 revenue: $2m-$5 USD
employees: 118
CEO: Scott Henderson

115 Planbox – Innovation management software

3-year revenue growth 426%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 54
CEO: Ludwig Melik

134 District M – Digital advertising

3-year revenue growth 343%
2019 revenue: $100m-$250m
employees: 80
CEO: Jean-François Côté

152 Diff – System integrations for e-commerce

3-year revenue growth 301%
2019 revenue: $10m-$25m
employees: 96
CEO: Benjamin Crudo

161 Illogika Studios – Video games and immersive experiences

3-year revenue growth 286%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 61
CEO: David Fugère-Lamarre

214 Gsoft –Workplace improvement software

3-year revenue growth 189%
2019 revenue: $50m-$75m
employees: 268
CEO: Simon De Baene

233 Kinova – Robotics

3-year revenue growth 171%
2019 revenue: $25m-$50m
employees: 172
CEO: Charles Deguire

271 Osedea – AI and digital solutions

3-year revenue growth 137%
2019 revenue: $2m-$5m
employees: 35
CEO: Martin Coulombe

400 Notarius  – Electronic signatures

3-year revenue growth 65%
2019 revenue: $5m-$10m
employees: 40
CEO: Claude Charpentier

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