Welcome to our Passive Talent Program!

We are always looking to identify and attract top technical talent - even if they are not actively seeking a new job. Our Passive Talent Program is an excellent way for talented professionals to confidentially explore new career opportunities and take the next step in their career journey, without feeling any obligations or pressure. Not only do we market your candidature among our existing clients, you're at the core of our business development! You get our our full support, attention and market knowledge.

Why Start a Conversation?

Our Client Network

We're only as good as the opportunities we have.
Our extensive client network is comprised of top SaaS and Product companies who consistently seek out talented Software Engineers and other tech industry professionals for their teams. We gather requirements by working directly with the Hiring Managers and qualify in depth the technical aspect of the positions we work. By joining our Passive Talent pool, you open the door to new (and even some exclusive) career opportunities you may have not heard of otherwise. Not only will you have exposure to the job opportunities with our current clients, you will also become the heartbeat of our new business development.

We thoroughly evaluate the clients we work with.
As we're committed to ensure that only strong and viable opportunities are presented to our candidates, we're mindful of any potential red flags that may compromise the welfare and success of the candidates we represent.

Our Subspecialization

We are Subspecialized.
As we only do technical recruitment in a few narrow niches, we only employ recruiters who are subject matter experts in their technical fields. The jobs we work are representative of the specialized nature of our firm.

Your time is valuable.
You will only get communication aligned with your career objectives, about the roles that make sense. We take the time to understand your skill set. More so, our team is dedicated and properly trained to market, support and guide our candidates through the job search process (latter in an unbiased manner), from the initial phone call, all the way to negotiating the compensation package.

Our Continuous Support

We're on the same team.
Aside from guiding you through the hiring process, every step of the way, we also counsel you through the tough choices. Counseling candidates with only their best interest in mind is part of our core values.

No pressure or obligations.
We will never attempt tipping the scale in our favour when your career is what's at stake, this is a promise. Whether you're getting cold feet and have additional questions, get a counter-offer or need to withdraw from the process altogether, we ensure that whatever decision you make is a well informed one. Losing out on a deal isn't as harmful to us as losing our ethical (white hat?) reputation - any candidate that has worked with Talentive can attest to this.

We provide you with a personalized approach and resources to help you achieve your career goals. We want you to get the right position for you - regardless of our implication in the deal.

Our Ethics

Ethical recruitment is the foundation of our business.
As an ethical recruitment firm, we prioritize the fair and respectful treatment of all candidates. At Talentive, we adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governing the recruitment industry, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We only work with clients who share our commitment to ethics.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Transparency.
We respect candidates' privacy by not sharing their personal information without their explicit consent. We do not make false or misleading promises to candidates or charge them any fees for our services. We provide honest and accurate information about job opportunities, and constructive post-interview feedback. Our commitment to ethics is at the core of everything we do.

What's in it for you?

  • You receive job opportunities tailored to your profile
  • You're at the core of our business development strategy
  • Your candidature is marketed to our clients
  • Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed
  • You get featured on our /talent/ platform

* Please note, the aforementioned benefits only apply to the Candidates meeting predetermined criteria and therefore selected by Talentive Inc. The benefits can be rescinded by an Employee or Legal Representative of Talentive Inc., without reason or notice period.

Recruitment Process

We give your experience all the time and attention it deserves.
Here’s what you can expect once we get started!
Step 1

We Assess your Candidature

In the First Step of our recruitment process, we carefully review your resume to gain an understanding of your education, work experience, and most of all, technical skills. This allows us to determine whether we can actually help you.

As you're applying to be part of our Passive Talent pool, we're not actually looking to match you with an opportunity right away. This process is quite different from active job application. In Passive Recruitment, we match jobs to your specifications which are discussed during our meeting.

Step 2

We Chat

During the Second Step, we have the opportunity to meet in person or over video conference. During the meeting, we focus on learning more about the projects you have worked on in your past roles, in detail.
We also take the time to assess your career ambitions, establish a Company Persona that would fit with your career aspirations and determine if Talentive can support and facilitate your professional goals.
We will ask some tough questions and get to the heart of what you really want and need for your career, with about a decade of experience in the technical recruitment field, we will help you avoid a career misstep.

Step 3

We Guide You

In the Third Step, once we have determined that we're a good fit for each other, we work with you to get you prepared for the interview and hiring process. We will walk you through on what you should expect in every step of the interview process (even technical), provide you with insider information about what the Hiring Manager is looking for, beyond the job description, help you to create a strong resume, and offer you guidance throughout the entire process. It's not only about the money, and we get that. Aside from compensation, we also negotiate the entire package on your behalf.

Step 4

We Celebrate!

In the Fourth Step once you receive a job offer that you decide to accept, we celebrate your success! We understand that finding the right job isn't the same as finding any job and is an important milestone for any professional. Let's go out, you pick the place! We also keep an open line of communication to ensure your expectations are met and confirm your fulfillment within the role and company. We are here to fully support you through this new chapter of your career and facilitate the transition.

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