DevOps Engineer



DevOps engineer with a definitive understanding of blending development and operations to quickly deliver the product to customers. Implementing CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps and automation tasks like SQL and PowerShell scripting to meet this requirement. Associated with infrastructure as code (IaC) to deploy and manage infrastructure in Azure as well as creating projects and related dependencies like Repos in Azure - DevOps via Terraform. Dealing with Docker to containerize apps. Additionally, a good understanding of Microsoft Azure Cloud.


  • DevOps: Azure DevOps Docker
  • IaC: Terraform
  • Source Control: Azure Repos, Bitbucket Languages: PowerShell, GO
  • Database: SQL server
  • Monitoring: PowerBI
  • HTML5.0
  • CSS3.0
  • Machine Learning


Jan 2022 – Present
DevOps Engineer @ E-Commerce

Sept 2020 – Dec 2021
DevOps Engineer @ SaaS

Projets & Accomplissements

  • Azure DevOps: Design and implement Multi-stages CI/CD pipelines
  • Terraform: Contributing to Developing Terraform provider by Go. (Local Content
  • Management Platform-CMP)
  • Terraform: Creating Azure DevOps project (including: Project, Variable Groups, Repos,
  • Service-Accounts, Policies,...
  • Docker: Containerize Api and Web projects in the dev environment.
  • Azure DevOps: Implementing Email Notification (SendGrid tool) in multi-stage pipelines.
  • PowerShell: Blob Storages migration via automation scripts- dealing with AZCopy tool
  • Azure DevOps: Developing tasks with contributing PowerShell: check the status of the
  • deployment center of AppService, delete the content of AppService before each deployment,
  • check the status of parallel deployment on a VM, copy content of an AppService to a VM
  • PowerBI: Azure DevOps monitoring utilizing PowerBI.
  • Azure: massive data migration of blob storages, utilizing Function-App to associate with
  • DML(DataMovement library) and Durable function approach.
  • Optimized Stored Procedures against SQL Injection (from scratch), Using Dynamic SQL query and parametrizing variables to protect SP against SQL Injection.
  • Investigating High CPU usage of production machine issues by working on IIS logs and AppOptics Monitoring tool.
  • Design automation via scripting (SQL/Powershell).
  • Private hosting of NuGet Packages in Azure Artifacts(from scratch).
  • Implementation of Pingdom from scratch (Uptime, Real User Monitoring).
  • Implement Power BI as embedded Analytics(from scratch).
  • Identified in the top 15% of high achieving graduate students of Concordia University.
  • Qualified for membership in the Golden Key International Honour Society (2019 & 2020).


  • Jan 2019- Dec 2020 Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering- Industrial Automation Branch CONCORDIA University
  • Sept 2005 –July 2009 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Azad University
  • Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • Terraform Associate by HashiCrop
  • Fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes, Nigel Poulton www.Pluralsight.com
  • Docker, Moshfegh Hamedani www.codewithmosh.com
  • Networking Concept and Protocols, Ross Bagurdes www.Pluralsight.com
  • Python for Computer Vision with OpenCV and Deep Learning www.Udemy.com
  • Machine Learning, Andrew NG www.coursera.org
  • Windows Server Management and security www.coursera.org
  • Introduction to Robotics & Autonomous Car Design www.Udemy.com
  • ITIL Fundamental Course by Dr.Khortalab http://www.khortalab.com
  • Developing Web-Form Applications by ASP.NET at SEMATEC Institute www.sematec-co.com
  • Fundamental of Developing Application by C#.NET at FaratarAzDanesh TechComplex www.fad.ir

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