Oct 20 2021

FullStack developer / integrator (PHP / NodeJS)


We are currently looking for a full-stack web developer / integrator for a Montreal based SaaS company.

You’ll work with a diverse team of engineers who believe in code quality and in continuous improvement.
The client also provides access to online learning resources to fuel your learning and growth.

- Lead the development of our external integrations with various platforms, namely:
-- Shopify
-- WooCommerce
-- Wix
-- QuickBooks
-- Xero
-- Zapier
- Maintain and expand these integrations as well as existing integrations (CSV mapper built in Angular, Zapier, etc.)
- Integrate new features into these integrations, and contribute to the development of our Public API (i.e. new endpoints, security and performance e n
hancements, webhooks, GraphQL support, etc.)

Technologies you’ll most likely work with depending on the integration that needs to be implemented (knowing all of these is NOT required):
● Angular
● React
● Node.js, TypeScript or JavaScript
● Python
● HTTP REST API design, development and specifications (OAS 3)
● Webhooks

You currently have/are:
- Completed higher education in Computer Science or Software Engineering (B.Sc. or higher, or with significant work experience)
- At least some experience working in Agile/Scrum development teams
- Experience building and designing well-documented, highly functional, and versioned REST APIs
- Deep knowledge of best practices regarding performance and security in web development
- Experienced working with Git and using a flow such as Git Flow (with master, release, develop and feature branches)
- Comfortable with peer code reviews (receiving and giving constructive criticism)
- Comfortable working in modern IDEs (of your choice, but we recommend JetBrains IDEs)
- Have strong writing and documentation skills
- Fluent in spoken and written English

What we have to offer:
- The opportunity to have a real impact within our company by contributing to its rapid growth as a major contributor
- Option to work remotely 3 days a week
- Paid sick days
- On site parking and other facility accommodations
- On-demand access to self-learning resources and courses
- A Spotify premium subscription

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