Project / Product Manager



Nov 22 2021


We are currently looking for a Senior Software Product / Project Manager to join our clients team. The SaaS company is a tight-knit team with a divers e background and skill set. Whether you are interested in developing new skills, discovering an industry that is facing disruption, or simply learning so mething new everyday, we offer a great environment in which to do it.

Flexible work schedules and remote work are offered in addition to having an office in downtown Montréal when you want to work in a more collabo rtive environment.

Working for a start-up can be very challenging, but also highly rewarding. For you, this means access to rapid growing responsibilities and seniority wi thin the company as well as bonuses based on performance.

Exciting challenges you will face

· Being the Scrum master for a diverse team of software developers with varying levels of experience and domain expertise

· Further define an established CI/CD workflow to optimize team performance

· Working in an agile development team to quickly iterate and see rapid progression

· Creating a scalable solution that will support millions of transactions

· Elaborating a complex network of API integrations with third parties

Roles & Responsibilities

· Manage & own the Platform’s development roadmap.

· Organize the team’s effort using agile project management principles to deliver on-time results.

· Working with internal teams to identify system requirements.

· Lead the software development team to build and continuously develop our Platform.

· Organizing testing and debugging on a regular basis.

· Identify staffing targets to support growth & product roadmap objectives

· Perform code reviews periodically to assess code quality and review linting rules

· Ensuring adequate level of technical documentation is maintained for user support

· Staying informed about latest industry developments.

Preferred Qualifications

· 3-5+ years working as a Software Project Manager.

· PMP Certification or equivalent.

· Professional Scrum Master certification.

· Basic knowledge of cloud architecture and DevOps (CI/CD).

· Strong communication and teamwork skills with close attention to detail.

· Basic knowledge of the technology stack (or similar):

o Cloud Provider: Amazon Web services

o Architecture: Serverless microservices

o Relational Databases: Amazon RDS

o Search Engine: Elasticsearch

o Backend runtime Environment: Node.js

o Front-end Library: React.js

o Programming languages: TypeScript

o Version Control System: Monorepo in Gitlab

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