Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Permanent Job

Backend Developer (Integrations Specialist)

Backend Web Developer (Integrations Specialist)


- Lead the development of our external integrations with various platforms, namely:

-- Shopify

-- WooCommerce

-- Wix

-- QuickBooks

-- Xero

-- Zapier

- Maintain and expand these integrations

- Integrate new features into these integrations, and contribute to the development of our Public API

(i.e. new endpoints, security and performance enhancements, webhooks, GraphQL support, etc.)

Technologies you'll most likely work with:

These technologies will vary depending on the integration that needs to be implemented, but you'll likely work with (knowing all of these is not requi


- Python

- Node.js, TypeScript or JavaScript


- Java

- HTTP REST API design, development and specifications (OAS 3)

- Webhooks

You currently have/are:

- Completed higher education in Computer Science or Software Engineering (B.Sc. or higher, or with significant work experience)

- At least some experience working in Agile/Scrum development teams

- Experience building and designing well-documented, highly functional, and versioned REST APIs

- Deep knowledge of best practices regarding performance and security in web development

- Experienced working with Git and using a flow such as Git Flow (with master, release, develop and feature branches)

- Comfortable with peer code reviews (receiving and giving constructive criticism)

- Comfortable working in modern IDEs (of your choice, but we recommend JetBrains IDEs)

- Have strong writing and documentation skills

- Fluent in spoken and written English

What we have to offer:

- The opportunity to have a real impact within our company by contributing to its rapid growth as a major contributor

- (Post lockdown) Option to work remotely 3 days a week

- Paid sick days

- On site parking and other facility accommodations

- On-demand access to self-learning resources and courses

- A Spotify premium subscription

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