Montréal, Quebec, Canada


Senior .NET Developer

C#ReactJSJavaScriptAzureASP.NET.NET.NET CoreEntity Framework
- More than twelve (12) years of experience in software and IT solutions development
- Very good ability to analyze and investigate various situations in a software or technological context
- Very good autonomy even on complex tasks
- Polyglot in software languages and in-depth knowledge of programming language concepts
- Versatility and ability to adapt to all new technologies
- Good communication and good popularization of technological concepts
- Initiative and dynamism in teamwork
- Seeks a good shared understanding in the accomplishment of goals
- Good ability to work under pressure and within tight deadlines

- Programming: C#, C++, Java, Python, Visual Basic 6 (very first learned and maintained since), VBScript, Batch, Powershell, Assembler
- Development technologies: .NET Framework, .NET Core, WPF, LINQ, LINQ-to-SQL, ASP.NET
- Database design: SQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
- Web design: React, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Cascading Stylesheet (CSS), Flash (Actionscript 3), Java (Applet, Servlet), PHP, JSP
- Network administration: Windows, Windows Server, Active Directory, RabbitMQ
- Development tools: Git, Subversion, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, SharePoint, Azure Pipelines, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Nuget

Senior Developer @ PaaS
2023 - 2024
Senior Software Developer and Architectural Analyst for a Cloud Service Provider
Project: Provisioning of cloud services
Technologies used: C#, .NET 6, Git, SQL Server, Visual Studio Professional, Azure DevOps
Roles fulfilled:
- Maintaining and upgrading existing solutions
- Advocating good practices

Dotnet Developer @ Consultancy
2023 - 2023
IT consultant for software development
Project: Online software for insurance projections
Technologies used: C#, .NET Core, Git, Visual Studio Community, Azure DevOps
Roles fulfilled:
- Revamping existing solutions to accommodate newer technologies

Cloud Solutions Developer @ E-Commerce
2022 - 2023
Developer and support of software solutions for online retail automation
Project: Online software and services for automating sales and purchases
Technologies used: C#, .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Git, SQL Server, Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET Core, Azure DevOps
Roles fulfilled:
- Covering all tasks related to IT solutions
- Analysis, design, and development of whole systems and features
- Management of the full development process and maintenance
- Implementation of a pipeline for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

Analyst Programmer @ SaaS
2021 - 2022
Developer of software solutions for human resources management
Project: Online software application and support for human resources management
Technologies used: C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Git, SQL Server, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET
Roles fulfilled:
- Development of new features
- Maintenance of original solutions
- Git training and subsequent support

System Application Developer @ Transportation SaaS
2017 - 2021
Developer of software solutions for airlines
Project: Automation solution for critical operations of an airline company
Technologies used: C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Git, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Nuget, Azure Pipelines, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET, React
Skills acquired:
- General skills across the entire hierarchy of a service-oriented application structure
- General expertise in software design and application of design patterns
- Practice of Agile Methods
- Professional use of Team Foundation Server and Git
Roles fulfilled:
- Design and maintenance of an architecture of several services counting on more than ten per client
- Transition from an old monolithic system architecture to a new distributed and cloud architecture
- Development of efficient solutions as services requiring continuous operation
- On-call availability in urgent situations and prompt resolution
- Maintenance of a support solution during disruption of the normal course of operation
- Increased experience of an environment during operation
- Intensive research and in-depth analysis of software bugs
- Identification of user requirements and prototype design of a possible solution

Developer of In-House Solutions / IT Department Representative @ Manufacturing
2011 - 2017
- Digital solution and software and document assistance for various factory operations for which access to information is crucial and physically difficult
- Quick access solution to the factory’s documentation for office staff whose consultation must be quick and user-friendly
Technologies used: C#, .NET Framework, SharePoint, Visual Studio Professional, WPF, SQL Server, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript
Skills acquired:
- Deepening of knowledge on SQL Server and design in tables, procedures
- Optimization of SQL queries in consultation tools for office workers including SQL Server Reporting Services
- Access management for office staff through Windows Server and Active Directory
- Learning SharePoint
Roles fulfilled:
- Maintenance of the document support solution
- Development of a solution for rapid access to documents related to manufacturing tasks
- Continuation of part-time as full-time

IT Solutions Intern @ Manufacturing
2010 - 2011
Projects: Digital and software solution for document assistance for various factory operations where access to information is crucial and physically difficult
Technologies used: C#, .NET Framework, Visual Studio Professional, WPF, SQL Server
Skills acquired:
- Learned C# language and WPF as well as MVVM design
- Using the strengths of LINQ and LINQ-to-SQL
- Design of SQL tables and procedures using SQL Server
Roles fulfilled:
- Develop a document assistance solution for workers
- Technical support
- Continuation of the internship as a part-time job

IT Solutions Intern @ Manufacturing
2009 - 2009
Technologies used: Microsoft Office Excel
Skills acquired:
- Development of an automatic hydraulic testing machine
- Creation of Excel macros for managing timesheets

**Bachelor of Information Technologies**
École de technologie supérieure, Montreal
- Java, Objective-C
- Subversion
- Design patterns

**College Diploma in Information Technologies Management**
CÉGEP du Vieux-Montréal, Montreal
- C++, Java, Python, Flash
- Object-oriented design
- Eclipse
- Active Directory

**Diplôme d’études collégiales en sciences de la nature**
CÉGEP de Bois-de-Boulogne, Montreal

**Software engineering courses**
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Personal projects in the context of facilitating and automating the operation of network or development tools
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